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APS is not a bank but a digital banking services provider that’s been leading the FinTech challenge to banks for more than 10 years. We know banks very well and how they operate. Our solutions offer pretty much everything a bank account does, but without many of the usual barriers. Our customers get solutions which are simpler, smarter and faster than most banks offer. We recognise the crucial role data and technology has to play in modern banking, and we’re using that understanding, that industry expertise and all the technological power at our fingertips, to build the barrier-free products and services our customers demand and deserve.

Capabilities that make us unique

Authorised and regulated

APS directly holds all the required licences and permissions to issue and manage both our consumer credit and electronic money (e-money) products. FCA authorisation for consumer credit is through APS, and for e-money via our wholly owned subsidiary, APS Financial Ltd (AFL). We’re powered by MasterCard with all the benefits that brings – from cutting-edge security to a reach that extends to every corner of the globe.

Licensed to issue e-money by FCA

Principal member of MasterCard

Member of the Electronic Money Association

Member of the Emerging Payments Association

Alternative lending capabilities

We offer a full suite of credit products, marketed under the Cashplus product brand, tailored for both consumers and businesses. Alongside overdrafts and credit cards, we also offer unique, real-time and on-demand solutions that work on their own or linked to current accounts and are both trigger and behaviour based. And with needs targeting along with risk-based pricing we can determine the best products for each individual customer.

Debit capabilities

Cashplus branded debit products are equally as wide ranging and smart as our credit offering. We compliment current accounts with cross-sales solutions including multiple currency products that offer instant currency exchange. And by employing purpose built instant funds paying-in capabilities all our customers have barrier-free access to their money wherever they are, whenever they need it.

Omnichannel marketing

We have the expertise and resource to create and deliver bespoke campaigns in house, and so own the intellectual property. We use custom built reporting to track all interactions (including online, instore, by phone and email) and manage a breadth of marketing channels including SEM in-house – built by our data scientists, driven by proprietary bid management techniques, and designed to optimise customers’ lifetime value.

Real-time account set-up

Our powerful digital debit and credit services enable opening an account in just minutes using dual credit bureau underwriting to help determine approval. This features a built-in and automated ID and Verification process for consumers and businesses alike followed by instant account set-up.

Superior decision science

We’re developing predictive strategies and products by building and harnessing algorithms through non-machine and machine based techniques to utilise data generated by the Internet of Things. But what makes us truly unique is how we interpret that data for credit decisioning, product development and fraud management to deliver the best possible customer experience and profitability.

Proprietary in-house delivery

We approach delivery in the same way we do omnichannel marketing – by taking advantage of our internal expertise. With the exception of our outsourced but APS managed UK-based call centre, everything to do with account opening, from application to product development and web development to risk management, is delivered in house.

Intelligent cyber security algorithms

We understand the importance of end-to-end security and the constant diligence needed to stay ahead of cyber crime. By exploiting our cutting-edge technology, considerable expertise and unique security algorithms, we keep our customers, data, privacy and money secure.

Open source platform provider

We’ve built our technology platforms and processes intelligently, flexibly and future proofed for the next generation of FinTech solutions. This means we can offer providers secure access to our unique financial solutions through open source technology services – or APIs. From signing up customers to providing a turnkey range of payment and banking products.

Meet our experts

Our executive team and board has worked across four continents, amassing more than 250 years of combined financial services management experience at some of the world’s biggest companies including PayPal, Barclays, GE, NatWest, JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, Citibank and Bank of America. A potent union of industry experience, technological expertise and bold thinking.

Our Board

Our executive team


We complement our team’s expertise with some of the best brands in global finance.