Proof you don't need a bank

Systematically smashing banking barriers

Before us, nothing about banking was simple. Started out of the frustration UK consumers and businesses have with banks, APS has become a leading digital provider of banking services. Because we’re not a bank but have banking expertise, we’ve been redefining how people and businesses manage their money, using a smarter way of thinking to challenge the traditional banks and payments companies.

Applying cutting edge technology to the kind of data intelligence our competitors can only dream of, we give our customers anytime, anywhere solutions changing the very nature of how financial services works.

Our solutions are simple and smart. Delivered in seconds not days.

Proof you don’t need a bank.

1.6 million+

cards issued

10 years

as a regulated firm

£6.2 billion+

in payments processed


customer satisfaction

Smarter FinTech services for everyone

For consumers

We see consumers differently to our competitors. We see eight million potential customers tired of the ‘that’s just how it’s done’ culture and fed up with how hard it is to access and use their own money. By using FinTech solutions to break down barriers and eliminate frustrations, our products perfectly cater to the modern day, digitally savvy customer.

For Businesses

For businesses

Our business account is tailored for the UK’s 0.6 million startups per year and 5.1 million small businesses, disenchanted with how arduous and expensive it is to open a bank account. Since we’re not a bank, we designed product services that are better than bank accounts. With bespoke services and instant online account opening in minutes not weeks, we make running businesses easier than the banks. We’ve helped over 50,000 startups and small businesses to get up and running with no fuss or delay so far. And with nearly 60% year-on-year growth, we’re only getting started.

Local Governments

For public sector

More of the UK public sector, including local authorities and the NHS, trust us with their financial services than anyone else, making us the provider of choice for 25% of all UK councils. We currently represent 43% of all MasterCard programmes in the public sector.

Innovative products simply delivered

We don’t believe in barriers. Instant, always-on Cashplus branded products and services redefine how individuals and businesses manage their money, and innovative open source services allow third parties to build their own bespoke payment products via APIs.


We’ve taken the traditional current account and debit card services of High Street banks and reimagined them for modern day digital customers, from consumers to SMEs. Simplified, online and instant in multiple currencies for global reach.


We help consumers control budgets and businesses manage cashflow with pre-arranged credit like credit cards and iDrafts, and instant credit offers like iAdvance. No more rejected Direct Debits or purchase declines, just instant funds delivered within minutes.

Smart, instant and unique services

Digital current accounts

Online currency exchange

No-fail Direct Debit service

Emergency real-time credit offers

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