Finance reimagined with FinTech

We’ve built our banking services to make managing money easy, for everyone. Whether you’re a credit-impaired consumer, a startup struggling to get a financial foothold, or a local authority processing payroll and benefits payments, APS has the financial services solution. Debit and credit products, bespoke services and open source technology that embraces the FinTech-led future of banking – we make your money work for you.

Smarter banking for everyone

For consumers

There are more than eight million British consumers sick and tired of the barriers that make everyday banking a chore. For those who can’t get a bank account to those who think the banks should be doing better, our debit and credit services aren’t just an alternative but instead a leap forwards in design, delivery and functionality.

That’s why we’re now the primary banking services provider for 30% of our customers – a 200% increase in the last three years – and the primary complement account provider for the 70% who trust us with their security, online shopping and travel transactions.

8 million

UK adults are fed up with barriers in traditional banking


increase in primary customer accounts in three years

For businesses

More than 40% of our customers – startups and SMEs with up to nine employees in particular – have been declined a high street bank account or say they’re unhappy with them. That’s the equivalent of up to two million British businesses.

We’ve democratised our accounts, breaking down barriers for the fastest, easiest opening with online instant approval and access to essential payment solutions for every business. That makes us a smarter, easier and better value alternative to high street banks.


of our business customers have been declined a high street bank account


estimated gross value of SMEs to the UK economy

For public sector

We provide banking services to more than 25% of UK local government and have delivered benefits disbursements programmes for more than 140 different councils.

APS services are allowing more and more benefits recipients to move away from cash-based disbursements to secure, fully functioning online current accounts and all the benefits they bring.


of UK local government use our services


UK councils who’ve used our benefits disbursement programmes

Ingenious products simply delivered

We’ve built a suite of versatile and easy to use digital products and services offering instant online application decisions. Tailored for those familiar with banking products but looking for a smarter, faster way to buy and pay.